Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Day

I've read, watched, seen, heard things about how possible it is to fall for your best-friend. Someone that you've seen all along for years in your life, but you never realized that it is him that you've been looking for, that he is the one that could've been your best lover you've ever had. Just like this book's tagline: "You can live your whole life, not realising that what you're looking for, is right in front of you."

Emma Morley had been crushing on Dexter Mayhem for some times, but never found the guts to say it. Until one day, Friday 15 July 1988, in their graduate night, they 'kind of' slept together. Dexter thinks of it as nothing serious and so does Emma, eventhough she loves Dexter she decides not to put her hopes too high.

And then we come on every 15 July in 20 years of their lives, witnessing how their friendship begin to grow, bloom, and wilt in some time, but eventually grow again in the end. How both of them realize that they have love for each other, but can't spit it out. They are too afraid; of the possibility of losing each other, of how either Emma or Dexter would react.

I love this book, and also sort of dislike it at some parts. I love how Emma is witty, smart, always come up with funny and sarcastic lines. I found Emma understandable, with her thoughts that being single doesn't equal lonely and she seems okay with it, but she still does think at some situations, how lovely it would be if you have some best-friends to talk with or a shoulder to cry on. But it doesn't mean she whines around about how suck her life without a boyfriend; she just goes around, being happy, shrugs off when people keep asking, "Where is your boyfriend?"

I don't like Dexter because he is such an arse at some times, flirting around with some chicks, getting drunk. I hate it when Emma calls their friendship an off and yet he still hasn't got a clue what is going on. But I like him in the beginning of the book when the two of them have a vacation together, he seems, hmm, romantic? And I also love him when Em and Dex start going out.

This book has such an unexpected climax, like I didn't see it coming from the first page of this book. This book seems a little bit unexaggerated after 'something' happened, like the book lost its charm. I was hoping the way this book ends could be more.. spectacular? But I think I'm okay with it. It's still an enjoyable reading for me.

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